I’ve always admired crocheted jewelry but I thought it would be too hard to make myself so I never tried it. Until today!!


I used semi-precious gemstone chips, 26 gauge silver colored copper wire, size K crochet hook, and a magnetic clasp.

Here’s the pattern that I used:

String 30 beads (or chips) onto the wire before you start.

Make a slip knot, leaving a tail that is about 2-3 inches long.

Draw bead up to hook, yo, pull through like you would with yarn to make a chain. Repeat until there are 14 beads on the chain.

Draw up 2 beads and ch 1, turn

The next row is worked in single crochet. Insert hook in next ch from hook. Yo and pull through ch. Draw a bead to the hook, yo, pull through both loops. Repeat until you get to the end.

Finish off like you would with yarn.

There are now two “strings”. Wind them together a few times and clip one, saving it for later. Attach clasp to the remaining wire.

Use the piece that you clipped to attach the other side of the clasp to the other end of the bracelet.

Viola! That easy…

If you don’t want to tackle it yourself, they are available in the shop.