I’m having a sale of sorts in the Etsy shop this Thanksgiving weekend. Free first class shipping on everything!

In the works right now…another coffee cozy. This one is also 100% cotton and red, with a swirly ribbed pattern. Hard to describe. It will be in the shop this evening.

I’ve created a new spreadsheet to help me keep track of my shop. I just want to make sure I pay our bank account back and I would like to know if I’m making a profit. I’m very close to breaking even, which is exciting. I didn’t think I would be in the black during my first month, but it looks like I will! Yay!

Anyone have any good secret santa ideas for guys? Something around the $20 mark.


I’m trying to use up my ever growing stash of yarn, so I decided to make some coffee cozys.


All I did was to use worsted weight yarn (I used cotton) and cast on 36 stitches on size 7 dpns. I did a k2p2 rib for about 3 inches. Easy peasy…

If you don’t knit, you can buy them in the shop for $5. They make the perfect gift for your favorite coffee drinker.

I made this one this morning:


It’s made with a wool/nylon/acrylic blend, thick & thin yarn that was in my stash. Crocheted using double crochet. Super easy and available in the shop.

Funky Fabric Thumbtacks

Over the weekend I made some Funky Fabric Thumbtacks. They were super duper easy and would make an awesome gift for a secret santa exchange at work.

Get some cover buttons, some scraps of fabric, some flat thumbtacks, and some hot glue. You might also need some wire cutters if you can’t find the flat back buttons and need to cut the fastener off the back. Assemble the buttons as instructed on the back of the package and hot glue a tack to the back. That’s it!

If yoy don’t feel like making them, they are available in the shop.

When I was a kid, I always liked getting handmade gifts from my aunt. Every year we got a crocheted stocking and a lot of times she made us blankets and toys. I’m hoping that my nieces and nephews like it just as much.

This year they are getting crayon rolls, custom made shirts (appliqued), tutus, stuffed animals, DVD’s, I-Spy bags, purses, wallets, and whatever else I can think of.

I’ll post tutorials as I go for some of the projects. I’ll also have extras available in my Etsy shop.